Post Production

Post Production

Proximity Stage Sound and Lighting also takes care of all your Post Production, Editing, Mixing and Mastering needs.

We specialize in Producing and Tracking your Recordings to finalizing it in Mastering. Professional Mutitrack Recordings on state of the art Multitrack Recorders and professional Recording DAW's.

Specializing in Live CD and DVD Recordings, we capture the Live feel of your production that gives you the feeling that your there when listening to your Tracks, Album, CD or DVD.

Whatever your Recording or Post Production need may be, big or small, we will provide you with the best solutions available.


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Ocean Ridge, Florida, USA

Oloff H. Du Plessis
Owner & Managing Director

Phone: +1 561 654 5891

Cape Town, South Africa

Juan J. Du Plessis
Managing Director

Phone: +27 82 535 1970
+27 83 440 8845


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